About Us

Enjoyable, Fun, and Affordable Flight Training


Welcome to Aeronerd Aviation LLC!  This company founded by Ty Jones (flight instructor) is dedicated to service, quality, and aviation.  Speaking of aviation, anyone from the private pilot, airline pilot, or even astronaut has all received their flight training from a flight school.  Hence, flight training is simply the foundation of aviation and this is also the motto of Aeronerd Aviation LLC.  Everyone on board this foundation understands the responsibility and impact Aeronerd Aviation has on the aviation industry!


Aeronerd Aviation is centrally located in Palm Coast Florida and has been training great pilots for over years!  All instruction and training content that is created under Aeronerd Aviation is from the highest of qualified and trained flight instructors with many years of experience!

Aeronerd Aviation LLC has been built from the ground up using a combination of First Principles Theory and simplicity from the use of Occam's Razor.  This is why Aeronerd Aviation’s flight training programs and online courses stand out from others and are well beyond the status quo!  Aeronerd Aviation is dedicated to service and customer satisfaction!  Aeronerd Aviation is also extremely adaptable to environmental and technological growth.  This means the content provided by Aeronerd Aviation LLC is will always be one of the best to date!

AeroNerd Aviation’s syllabus has a 100% check ride pass rate!  The online ground school courses are a series of instructional videos Ty Jones himself (the founder of this company) put together both on the ground and in the air which can be watched and rewatched as many times within the 6 month subscription period.


We understand that AeroNerd Aviation is a very new flight school and trust in our products is limited due to the lack of longevity we have in the aviation industry. We encourage everyone that is looking for fun and enjoyable flight training to check out our products.


There are no hard feelings if you’d prefer to get training elsewhere. There is lots of other great instruction out there but Aeronerd Aviation strives to be the best of them all!  See for yourself, buy checking out the online courses, or schedule a Discovery flight to start learning today!